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Importance of Nursery Rhymes

The relationships between nursery rhyme experiences, knowledge, and awareness and both phonological- and printrelated skills were examined in 12 studies of 5,299 preschoolers. Fifteen different kinds of early literacy skills were measured in the studies. The pooled weighted correlations between nursery rhymes and the children’s early literacy skills were used as the sizes of effect between measures. Results showed that the nursery rhyme measures were related to both phonological- and print-related literacy outcomes, and that nursery rhyme experiences and knowledge proved to be the best predictors of the study outcomes. The findings provide support for a relationship between young children’s nursery rhyme abilities and their phonological- and print-related skills, including emergent reading. Implications for practice are described.

NURSERY rhymes demand

Nursery rhymes are not just relaxing melodies to capture children’s attention – they carry valuable lessons that can help parents teach their children important lessons across a range of subject areas. Learn With Nursery Rhymes is a website that helps parents across the world access a huge library of nursery rhymes that could help with children’s basic education in a fun and meaningful way. Our site has now launched a YouTube channel to provide an instantly stream-able library of tunes.

Learn With Nursery Rhymes means parents no longer have to go to the library or buy collections to access nursery rhymes. What’s more, we make the educative benefits the priority, with free information, study citations, abstracts and more.

Our new YouTube channel can help parents access thousands of nursery rhymes instantly, all of which have been thoroughly authenticated. Many children’s channels on YouTube are set up by trolls to mislead parents and expose children to inappropriate content. By trusting Learn With Nursery Rhymes, parents know they will get appropriate content.

Our Learn With Nursery Rhymes channel hosts the most popular nursery rhymes, daddy finger songs, toy role playing, real life singing and book readings, all of which are 100% kid friendly and ready to listen. The channel has also created ‘episodes’ featuring hour long compilations to help children learn while parents handle day to day activities.